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When you invest in the VRAF, you invest in your profession. And when you invest in your profession, you invest in yourself. So we’re asking all of you to advance our profession by making a tax-deductible donation to the VRAF. We’ve helped professionals create tools that make all of our working lives better, enabled participation in conferences and symposia, aided in the development of unique digital collections, and offered vital educational experiences. Be a one-time donor, or set up a sustaining membership through PayPal. With your support, the VRA Foundation will be able to advance our profession for years to come. Give to the VRAF!

During our Fall Fundraising Campaign, we asked you to donate to the VRAF and become a part of the School of Athens painting. See below to view the School of Athens populated by our VRA Foundation donors!



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The VRA Foundation, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit foundation, welcomes and encourages tax-deductible donations in any amount. Your contribution will support the Foundation’s mission to develop and expand educational and research opportunities for the study of visual images and information. The VRA Foundation is committed to advancing broad public access to cultural information in the digital age. Your contributions will help support the Foundation’s educational, research and publication initiatives.

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