How can I learn more about the Foundation?

The best way to find out about the Foundation is to do what you are doing right now: browse the Foundation web site. You may contact individual Foundation Directors. If you are a member of VRA, you will see periodic postings on VRA-L and in Images, VRA’s online newsletter.

What is the purpose of the new VRA Foundation?

The purpose of the VRA Foundation is to develop and expand educational and research opportunities in the public interest; establish standards for emerging electronic media; manage grants and develop programs to improve the visual resources field; conduct and/or sponsor research in the information sciences and educational technology; publish informative articles, guidelines, and on-line resources; and complement the work of VRA by providing educational, literary, and scientific outreach to the larger community and general public. Through the VRA Foundation, VRA will be able to further its significant and growing educational and research efforts.

Can I become a member of the VRA Foundation?

The VRA Foundation is not a membership organization. Many of the activities of the Foundation will emanate from VRA and the VRA membership, however, the Foundation will also provide a home for collaborative initiatives with other organizations and individuals.

How is the Foundation governed?

The Foundation is governed by a set of bylaws and a Board of Directors. The VRA Executive Board appoints four directors and three are selected by the Foundation Board itself. Foundation bylaws stipulate this method of selection. Foundation directors are selected before the Foundation Annual Meeting, which is scheduled concurrently with the VRA Annual Conference.