Internship Award

2017-2018 Internship Award


The VRAF Internship Award Committee is pleased to announce that Maria Nuccilli is the recipient of the 2017-2018 VRAF internship.

Maria is an MLIS student at Wayne State University, and expects to graduate in December, 2017. Maria will conduct her internship under the direction of Ashley Hennen of the Scarab Club in Detroit and in collaboration with the Digital Media Projects Lab in the School of Information Sciences at Wayne State University.

The Scarab Club is a non-profit arts institution that cultivates and celebrates the visual, literary, and performing arts in Detroit. Maria will work with the Scarab Club archives, focusing on their collection of images, audiovisual material, clippings, and internal documents that span over a century of Detroit’s cultural heritage. Representing both well-known and obscure, local and international 20th century artists, these collections include many works, exhibitions, and events that have little existing documentation. Despite its unmistakable research value for scholars of art and Detroit history, this important material currently has zero visibility.

During her VRAF internship, Maria will assess the holdings and create a plan to provide much-needed access. She will identify and digitize materials using archival standards, and catalog the files for internal storage using Adobe Bridge. She will then create an interactive, virtual exhibition to showcase collection highlights using Omeka and Flipbook with WordPress. Finally, she will prepare significant areas of the collection for transfer from the Scarab Club to an appropriate archive to ensure the continued preservation and accessibility of this cultural heritage material. Upon completion, researchers will be able to explore the material both in person and online.

Maria states in her application, “This internship will provide me with many skills I am seeking towards my professional development. I will become proficient in Adobe Bridge, gain large-scale project management experience, and fine-tune my technology abilities while creating an online exhibition. VRAF funding will allow me to develop these skills, ultimately ensuring I am able to contribute to the usable preservation of culture in the digital age as I begin my professional career”.

The VRAF Internship is generously funded by the Kress Foundation, and provides financial support for graduate students preparing for a career in visual resources and image management. The award grants $4,000 to support an internship in archives, libraries, museums, visual resources collections in academic institutions, or other appropriate contexts. The recipient receives a stipend of $3,000 for 200 hours completed at the host site. A professional development component of $1,000 supports conference attendance or attendance at the Summer Educational Institute for Visual Resources and Image Management. The recipient receives a one-year complimentary student membership in the Visual Resources Association.

The VRAF Internship Award consists of a VRAF Director as chair, a representative from the VRA Education Committee, a representative from the VRA Awards Committee, and the previous internship recipient. The 2017-2018 Awards Committee includes VRAF Director Margaret Webster; VRAF Director, Elaine Paul; VRA Education Committee member Whitney Gaylor; VRA Awards Committee member Linda Callahan; and 2016-2017 VRAF Internship recipient Rebecca Pattillo.